No sekt, no roadmap, just VIBE.
Artist, project creator
A 23-year-old designer from Prague who graduated from the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. After 2 months of graduation, I became interested in the nft field. After a year of research, ups and downs my team and I decided to create our own collection.
PR agent, investor, project creator
About 2 years in the field of nft. I was engaged in PR of many projects on the eth network (Space boo, Illogics, Lonely Pop).
Project creator, idea genius
Calculating finances, costs, expenses, risks, and many other things she handles well.
High-quality detail drawing with a lot of variety.
Degen NFT
There is no definite road map, but there is a desire to create something more than just an NFT. Marketing is also present.
Exponential growth
Sales, investors, name and growth of the project in the market.
Easy flight, good vibration
Collaboration, communication, paving, merchandise, and lots of benefits for both the project and the holders? It's all up to you. Quality from us, vibe from you.

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